Lecturers and Tutors

It takes some of the best hypnotherapists in the region to provide some of the best hypnotherapy training in the world

best hypnotherapy trainingMatt Krouwel is the founder and course leader of the West Midlands School of Clinical Hypnotherapy. He is constantly striving to provide the best hypnotherapy training in the region.
He has over 16 years’ experience as a hypnotherapist and lecturer, and has trained hundreds of therapists around the world for private courses,  universities, hospitals and medical schools.

He is the founder of the Evidence-based Practice in Clinical Hypnosis annual conference, and is currently an active researcher into the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) at the School of Primary Care Medicine at the University of Birmingham, in addition to his private practice.

He is the first person to speak to regarding the course; call him on (0121) 476 6751.  website


031b8bf[1]Caroline Dyson  (Sutton Coldfield)  – Director and Founder of Hypnotherapy In Schools Programme (HISP), in addition to being a practicing hypnotherapist for over a decade.
Email: carolinedyson@hotmail.co.uk Telephone: (0121) 240 0694  / 07779 101 789 Website

3be772c[1]Tess Cooper (Worcester) Clinical hypnotist since 2011. Tess is a leading expert in the hypnotic gastric band weight loss approach, having conducted primary research into its application within the NHS.
Telephone: 07812 209 449 / (01905) 457 809 Website

108ea64[1]Julian Widdows (Sutton Coldfield) A clinical hypnotherapist since 2008, Julian is an advocate of ‘Clean language’ approaches.
Telephone: (0121) 355 5723 / 07872 045399 Website

logo[1] (2)George Houguez (Rugby) has been a clinical hypnotist for over a decade, and has lectured around the world in universities and hospitals.
Telephone: (01788) 553 060 / 07732 773 833 Website