Cost of the Hypnotherapy Diploma Course


The course fees for the hypnotherapy diploma course are structured into three decreasing payments, the first taken prior to the start of the course (the deposit), the second at weekend four of the course, the third and final at weekend eight.

  • Deposit        =  £500.00
  • Weekend 4 =  £450.00
  • Weekend 8 =  £350.00
  •   Total          = £1300.00

The hypnotherapy diploma course  includes;

1.      22 days of small-group tuition.

2.      Your core notes.

3.      Student membership of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH).

4.      Assessment of the HPD.

Please be aware that there are additional costs associated with the hypnotherapy diploma course, which include;

  • 10 Tutorials at £30.00 each (£300.00 in total)
  • Books, study materials & refreshments

To secure your place on the course you can pay the deposit using the Paypal button on the bookings and dates page  – please note that the deposit is only refundable in the event of WMSCH cancelling the course.

Call Course leader Matt Krouwel on (0121) 476 6751 to discuss