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Factors which affect hypnotisability

How many people use hypnotherapy?

Ever wanted to know how many people use hypnotherapy?

A little way back I did an article for the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH) addressing the question of how many people use hypnotherapy. This was inspired by my research into the public’s attitude towards hypnotherapy. It was a question which had been on the agenda of that project but never quite materialised, so here it is How many people use hypnotherapy

Please remember that this is not a fully peer reviewed paper  just a little research project I did on the side. At some point I may revisit it for a full systematic review because no one has yet done that .  I do however believe that it is the best information  on this topic currently available.

Take a look – How many people use hypnotherapy?  or cut and paste –

how many people use hypnotherapy

The author – Matt Krouwel is a hypnotherapist and researcher in Birmingham (UK)